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Winter 2005

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LAMA Annual Meeting in Shreveport

In November 2005 LAMA co-hosted a records management workshop with Ark-La-Tex chapter of ARMA at the LSUS Archives in Shreveport. Guest speaker was Cindy Smolovik from NARA in Ft. Worth. At LAMA's request, Cindy did a short introduction on fundamentals and concentrated the sessions on practical suggestions for implementing a program. Her topics included risk analysis and appraising records, creating and implementing a records schedule, storage and disaster planning.

The following day the LAMA meeting featured an interactive presentation on preservation and conservation of rare books. Kathy and James Jackson of Oil City own a bindery that specializes in restoration and fine bindings.

Carrie Fager and Laura McLemore encouraged participants to invest in professional development by earning CRM and CA designations. They also focused on how records managers and archivists can work together.

Mike Strom gave insights to reducing backlogs for large collections. Theresa Wright explained the finding aids she developed for LSUS' website, and Sailor Jackson, of the Louisiana Old State Capitol, shared some of his oral and video history clips.

Because of the recent hurricanes the previous months, members from south Louisiana were not able to travel for the annual meeting.

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Letter from the President

February 13, 2006

Dear LAMA Members,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, most of the current membership was not able to attend the annual meeting in Shreveport on November 3 and as a result, we did not have a quorum to conduct a business meeting. The By-Laws require that a meeting take place between September 1 and November 30 of each year. As we the membership will not be able to meet again before the end of 2005, the Board has agreed to the following recommendations:

1) That we amend the By-Laws to address "acts of nature" which prohibit a quorum being "physically present" for the meeting so that we can continue the work of the organization in a timely manner.

2) In the interests of postal delays and time commitments required for a hard copy mailing: That we ask the Secretary to conduct the meeting primarily via email (or hard copy wihout email address).

3) That we accept the agenda and slate of officers if we have a 20% active membership positive response within 20 days and that we ask the membership to make any comments and recommendations for other officers and respond within 20 days.

4) That the results be emailed (or hard copied to those without email) and posted on LAMA's website.

Nita K. Cole, CA
Vice President/President Elect


by Bruce Turner

Reviving a tradition initiated by Marie Windell in the 1990s, Bruce Turner proposed a session to the 2006 program chair of the Louisiana Historical Association in which Louisiana archivists would talk about the research possibilities of some of the collections in their repositories. Events, however, overtook the proposal, and we ended with a panel focusing on the damage caused by Katrina and Rita to some archival repositories and some lessons hopefully learned in the recovery efforts. Panelists included Bill Meneray, Head of Special Collections at Tulane University, and Charles Nolan, Archivist for the Archdiocese of New Orleans who spoke about the personal and professional difficulties they faced as a result of Katrina and the subsequent flooding in New Orleans. Both were responsible for collections which suffered considerable damage. Faye Phillips, Assistant Director for Special Collections at LSU, spoke about the triage and recovery work performed by personnel at Hill Memorial Library on collections which had been damaged by the hurricanes. Finally Elaine Smyth, Curator of Special Collections at LSU, talked about some of the lessons learned by and issues raised for the archival community in response to the diasters.

Hopefully 2007 will be a normal year. There are plans in the works for three LAMA members to propose a session focusing on political collections in their repositories: Laura McLemore, LSU-S; Mary Linn Wernet, Northwestern; and Phyllis Kinnison, LSU-BR.

The LAMA Newsletter

by Phyllis Kinnison

Another causalty of Hurricane Katrina was the LAMA Newsletter. Ann Wakefield, New Orleans Notarial Archives, had to resign from her position as newsletter editor. Phyllis Kinnison, Political Papers Archivist at Hill Memorial Library LSU, has taken over than position. As a result we have not been able to send out a newsletter until now.

This newsletter for Winter 2005 is abbreviated, and the one for Spring/Summer 2006 will also be short. Though the news is outdated, they are meant to provide a record of events as they happened. By the Fall/Winter 2006 issue, we should be back on schedule with a full newsletter.

If you have any articles you would like to have included in the newsletter, please send them to Phyllis Kinnison at pcasti1@lsu.edu. If they do not make it in time for the Spring/Summer 2006 issue, they will be included in the Fall/Winter 2006 edition. I will be sending email reminders for article submission.

We will be retaining the deadlines for the regular issues -- March 15 for the Spring/Summer issues and September 15 for the Fall/Winter issues.

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