Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association

The Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association will hold the LAMA 2021 virtual meeting from September 27-30. Typically a one-day event, LAMA 2021 is trying a new format by holding 1-2 sessions each day for a week-long conference.

Theme: Our Users/Our Selves

It is a commonplace observation that our lives, both personal and professional, are drastically different than they were before the pandemic. Decreased person-to-person contact in libraries and archives narrowed the capacity for physical services while enabling investment in other functions. This shifting focus has reshaped our professional relationship to our collections, our spaces, and to our users.

This year’s theme invites us to reflect on these changes, both for ourselves and for the users of our collections. Have we discovered new users? How have we identified and overcome users’ challenges to accessing collections? How have our professional identities shifted? How have we adapted programming, exhibitions, research/reference, outreach, or instruction for remote/hybrid audiences? How have we addressed lingering problems like metadata remediation & redescription and archival backlog reduction?

Registration and Schedule of Events

On September 18, 2020, the Louisiana Archives and Manuscript Association held its annual meeting online. Session recordings are available on our YouTube channel. See the program here for a list of the sessions.