PR To-Do List

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  1. Draft a letter to your constituency. This letter should contain your credentials in the first paragraph, the goal of the workshop in the second, and finish with details of the workshop (when, where and how much) and conclude with a cordial invitation to attend.
    1. Note: Pinpoint those people in the community who would most likely benefit from your workshop. Ask colleagues for mailing lists if you don't have one of your own.
  2. Draft a press release with many of the details listed above. Send it to the local papers and submit it to online social networking sites and those ever-popular " what's going on in - your town here - " blogs. The word can spread fast.
  3. Send out mass emails with a brief version of your recruitment letter and attach your registration form.
    1. Don't forget to send it to local archives and history Listservs
    2. Send it to the listserv of the institution for which you work - often librarians/archivists or library school students (don't forget the SLIS list) are on the lookout for additional training.
  4. Make a simple one page and post them at local information hubs (coffee shops, libraries, history departments, college campuses, community centers, etc).
  5. NOTE: Mention registration deadlines and the low cost of the workshop in all PR materials.