ATC Invoice for Presentation of a Workshop

  1. To calculate the income generated by your workshop, multiply the number of participants by the dollar amount charged for your workshop. For example, if you had 10 attendees and charged $35.00, your workshop generated $350.00.
  2. Next, calculate the total amount of your expenses. Compile your receipts; list these totals on the invoice in the expenses column. Let's say you spent $100.00 on printing, office supplies, and food. Your expenses=$100.00. This means that the sum total of your profit is $250.00.
  3. Thus, Income or A ($350.00) minus Expenses or B ($100.00) = $250.00. You will use this number to generate the amount you will be receiving as your trainer fee.
  4. The trainer fee (the check you will receive from the ATC) is equal to 75% of C = (so $250.00 x 75%)
  5. The remainder of the $250.00 (or 25% of the total) is kept by the ATC for administrative expenses.

Notes and instructions about money:

  1. Each state has a state committee and treasurer. The checks, receipts and invoice should be sent in at one time to the treasurer along with your contact information.
  2. As you spend money on the workshop, maintain a file of receipts. It is important to have itemized receipts that are for workshops materials and workshop materials alone. Keep a copy of each receipt for your files but send the original in along with your invoice.
  3. Maintain a list of attendees and the check numbers (noting amounts) as they send in the registration forms and money. Send this in with your invoice.